How do I rotate photos that are sideways?

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    Feb 25, 2016

    This happens most often with photos from iPhones or other smartphones. So while your camera or phone knows that the picture was taken vertically or horizontally, and it will display it as such, many websites don’t know that and so the image might appear sideways from the orientation desired.

    On Flatfee4me it is best to try to show your photos horizontally for our slider. If you can’t take them this way or can’t re-take them you can also use software to rotate them. We are working on a fix for this on our end too :-) But again please try to only use or take horizontal photos.

    • What I do on my computer is to view the photo on preview. Then I click rotate 90 degrees and back again. I then close the photo file. This helps the computer set the orientation and now I can successfully upload with the correct orientation.


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