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REALTOR® FEES: The Costs, Savings, Profits From Agent Commissions…

Selling a home? A flat-fee MLS® listing can you thousands, try this commission calculator.

Hey homeowners! Saving thousands of dollars sounds pretty good… especially with the average commission paid by a home seller around the $15,000 mark. Imagine what you could do with an extra $15,000… beef up your RRSP or RESP, buy a used car, maybe you are downsizing and want to boost your retirement fund, take a needed vacation, pay off debt or university tuition or perhaps pay for that upgrade/renovation in your new home?

It’s fun to punch the numbers on real estate agent fees so use the calculator below to see how much you could save or pay in REALTOR® commissions if you sold your home privately or even co-operated with a buyers agent.

Hey Agents! This easy calculator can help you quickly check your take on a deal and/or how much you can still receive from a FSBO willing to co-operate (signing a fee agreement) if you have a qualified buyer.

Note: Remember there is sales tax on top of agent commissions (Manitoba excluded)!

Go ahead crunch the numbers:


Sale Price / Value
Total Mortgage Amount Owed
Real Estate Commission Rate
Listing Agent
Buyers Agent
Sales Tax% (number only)
Real Estate Commissions
Tax Amount
Total Real Estate Commissions
Proceeds after Paying Commissions*
Proceeds if you sold home FSBO*
Cost of Commissions as % of Proceeds
Below is the gross real estate commission between both agents.
Listing Agents
Buyers Agent
There you have it:   in real estate commissions will be saved or paid. Click here to get your MLS® listing on


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A typical RELATOR® fee or commission is around 5% but there is no set or standard agent commission in Canada and percentages can vary by Province: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador. Territories: Yukon territory, Northwest territories, Nunavut. Some real estate agents will co-operate with a for sale by owner too or offer a discount on commissions.



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